Blu and Carebot
by CareCrows as part of Code Coven's Care Jam 2021

A storybased game about the journey of Blu and Carebot from abandonment to the beach.

Left mouse button to click / do action.


Team CareCrows:

  • Game producer: Croft
  • Game designer: Croft
  • Narrative designer: N.C Ortega
  • Writer: Kree8
  • Code: Croft and Saoi
  • Composer/Sound designer: Gabriel Pulcinelli
  • Art: Selen Lun, Dee, Saoi and Croft

Everybody also partook in brainstorming and gave lots of feedback to each other!

Other Attributions:

Some good news!!
Out of possibly 24 entries, Blu and Carebot has made it to the 12 games now available as part of the final Care Jam 2021 public collection! It also got a special shoutout for showing potential!